Friday, December 19, 2008

Charity Work

i’m judging you for not caring about the same things i do

Many know me as the loveable scamp who hates everyone and complains a lot. But did you also know I care? It’s true. I care about kitties and puppies. Which is why I became a volunteer at the San Francisco SPCA, it's my Charity Work.

Every year, the SFSPCA and the Union Square Macy’s team up and create festive ‘Holiday Windows’, decorated to showcase kittens and puppies available for adoption in the cutest little fashion evar. While the name of the ‘whimsical world’ that they create (Petropolis) makes me sick, the event has proved to be very successful in the past at finding the animals "loving" homes.

So won’t you join us this year? While I have absolutely no idea if we even have any readers in the Bay Area, the Holiday Windows event begins today at the Union Square Macy’s and will run until December 26. Oddly enough, they actually let me talk to the public and I will be there. So come on down and adopt a cat or a puppy, make a donation, or just look in the windows and cry because it’s all so god damned cute.